Are Arizona Prisoners Being Treated Properly for Mental-Health Issues?


Photo courtesy of: Jim Jackson

In the recent years, the Arizona Department of Corrections has been held accountable for improper treatment regarding health issues of all kinds. In an effort to improve the situation, a court order was placed on the Arizona prison system. However, the order has been ignored so many times that a United States judge has considered holding the prison system in contempt of court. 

There has been countless cases of the prison system failing to treat physical issues, and it seem apparent that mental-health issues are not being treated properly either. For Arizona prisoners struggling with mental illnesses such as bipolar or schizophrenia, it is difficult for them to get on the right medication and properly treat and diagnose their serious medical conditions.

One inmate who suffers from bipolar disorder, describes the quality of mental-health treatment in the prisons as poor and not improving. He went on to describe the doctor visits as the opposite of therapeutic. Victims of mental-health issues in Arizona prisons generally only see a doctor once every three months, often for just three minutes. These serious conditions require much more care and consideration while being treated, and this treatment has been described by many to be inadequate and unhelpful.

Since prisoners usually do not see the same doctor, a plethora of different medications may be prescribed to one individual. People suffering from mental-health issues need to be put on a long-term plan so they can manage their lives to the best of their ability. People have begun voicing their concerns about the impossibility of managing serious mental-health issues without stability or true guidance in the Arizona prison systems.

The most troubling aspect is that many of these prisoners are scared to speak out because they fear harsh punishment. This prevents progress from happening, and allows the Arizona prison system to continue their unlawful health practices.

Photo by Jim Jackson

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