Spanish Speaking Lawyer for the Mentally Ill

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Bernardo Garcia, Bilingual Criminal Lawyer for the Mentally Ill


If your loved one has mental illness, has been charged with a crime and does not speak English, he or she will face hurdles in the Arizona legal system.  It can be very difficult to communicate with the authorities with a language barrier, but this is made much more complicated when mental health issues are a factor.  Your loved one could feel lost in a system that works hard to get convictions. The masses of mentally ill in America’s prisons attest to this fact.

Many attorneys try to overcome this problem by hiring legal staff to translate for their clients.  However, they do not have the same education and experience as the attorney.  The credentials required for legal staff are not as high as they are for an attorney, so important legal details could get lost in translation—especially because federal laws about illegal reentry after deportation and other border crimes are complex.

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As an Arizona Spanish speaking defense attorney, Bernardo Garcia can communicate clearly with your loved one in Spanish.  He does not delegate important legal tasks, and he will not leave your family member stuck with a translator.  Whether your loved one requires assistance for charges of theft or aggravated assault, Mr. Garcia can help.

If you need a free consultation with a Phoenix bilingual criminal lawyer, and one with experience defending the mentally ill against criminal charges, contact Bernardo Garcia.  He offers free jail visits within Maricopa County.

Receive Personal Assistance from a Spanish Speaking Lawyer

Bernardo Garcia offers personal attention to every client in English or Spanish.  He takes calls from clients on his personal cell phone day or night.  He will:

  • Communicate directly with your loved one without a translator
  • Explain even the most complicated legal details in Spanish—clearly and effectively
  • Devote personal attention to your loved one’s case—every step of the way
  • Build a good professional relationship with your family member
  • Give your loved one opportunities to ask questions and understand the legal process

Bernardo Garcia will give your loved one the same legal protection that he would give his own family.  If you have a legal emergency and need a lawyer who speaks Spanish, contact Mr. Garcia today.