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“”My mother and I hired Mr. Garcia in August of 2012, to represent my brother who is handicapped and was in jail of a serious crime that would have ended with a 10 year prison term if we had kept the public defender that was offered to us by the courts. My brothers case was very complex, but after reviewing the case Mr. Garcia assured us my brother would never see the inside of a prison cell and he was right. I would recommend anyone who is faced with any difficult court situations to contact Mr. Garcia. He’s a very honest, up front and concerned attorney who does his best for his clients.” ”


“”The first lawyer I had a consult with, asked me my fears and then prayed on them. Then I went to Bernardo after being referred by a friend who is also a lawyer. Bernardo was absolutly incredible! Mr. Garcia just has a way of reassuring you that everything will be okay. Through out the process I found out I was pregnant and by the time sentencing came, I was almost ready to pop and facing jail time. Mr. Garcia assured me everything would be okay, and it was! No jail time & I got to have my baby (my first son) as planned. Bernardo Garcia DOES treat you like you were family and I am SO thankful and proud to say- Bernardo Garcia is my lawyer!!” ”

“Excellent representation”

“”I want to recommend Mr. Garcia for anyone facing criminal prosecution. He is a compassionate attorney that truly cares for his clients. Throughout my case, he and his staff were always available to discuss any of my concerns. He guided me the entire way through the legal process and I am very happy that I chose Mr. Garcia to represent me. Now that my case is over, I truly understand what having quality legal counsel can provide to those facing serious criminal charges. Thank you, Mr. Garcia!” ”