Benefits of Using a Criminal Defense Lawyer Specializing in Mental Health


If you are involved in a legal case which includes issues surrounding mental health, it is important to use a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer who specializes in the area to represent you. Not only will these attorneys be more compassionate and understanding of your situation, they are also specialists in the field and have more detailed knowledge about mental illness than the typical criminal defense attorney. Keep reading to learn more. 

photo by Kat Smith

A More Compassionate Understanding 

Legal battles centered around victims of mental illness can cause a wide range of emotions for those involved, and this may include close friends and family members. Having an educated lawyer who is experienced in the field will help ensure clients that their attorney has experience helping other people who have found themselves in similar situations. A lawyer who is actively compassionate towards your case, and mental illness in general, will most likely be better equipped to handle and sympathize with your individual situation.

Experts in the Field

When isn’t it a good idea to hire an expert in the field? You wouldn’t hire a foot surgeon to perform open-heart surgery, so why would you hire a random attorney to represent your mental health case? Hiring an attorney who specializes in mental health will help you in your case because they will be the most informed about the issues and will have access to up-to-date information.

When mental health issues are involved, there may be more complicated paperwork to fill out and give to the courtroom. If an attorney is not aware of specific laws surrounding mental health in the state, they may be missing out on giving their clients a better final verdict. Attorneys who are already familiar with all of these laws may be able to save time while giving you more informed information regarding your legal rights in the case.

Photo by Kat Smith

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