A Man Convicted of Terrorism Gets 8 Years in Prison


A man pleaded guilty to plotting a terrorism attach on a motor vehicle office in Mesa. The man also had instructed an undercover FBI agent to make homemade grenades to carry out terrorist acts.

Once under investigation, police found plans for the man to carry out terrorist acts like those in France and Brussels on the motor vehicle office, a Jewish center, and a fitness building. He was also in contact with members of ISIS.

Mental Illness Defense

man being arrestedProsecutors on the case wanted to see the man behind bars for 15 years, but his defense was trying to make a case for just 7 years in prison. Their main defense: mental illness. Defense pleaded the man suffered from mental illness which caused him to lack control of impulses. The defense also called upon family and friends of the man to give testimonies of character. The testimonies claimed he was a lost boy who had poor control of his own actions.

The man owned up to his actions and pleaded guilty. In the end, defense ultimately won the case with him being sentenced to just 8 years in prison for both his claims and plans for terrorist actions.

Mental health is a serious problem in the criminal justice system. Many attorneys do not know how to properly defend those with a mental illness. Contact our office today. With experience in mental health defenses, we have the resources needed to help your case.

Original story: http://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/arizona-news/215561174-story


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Phoenix Celebrates Mental Health Month


To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month in October, the South African Federation for Mental Health (SAFMH) made a real effort in educating citizens about the risks of mental illness and the importance of putting mental health first.

Too often, mental health is ignored or not discussed. About 1 in 4 adults suffer from mental disorder every year, according to The Kim Foundation. With mental health being so prevalent, it’s important to make the effort to raise awareness. People don’t want to talk about mental health because they aren’t sure what to do to help. It’s become taboo to talk about mental health and the stigmas associated.

SAFMH Awareness Efforts

mental health medicationsSAFMH is making strides in educating people on the importance of recognizing mental health and assisting those who suffer from mental illness. In fact, they are spreading the knowledge of mental health first aid practices. Intervening when someone is having an episode, offering help to someone you know needs it, being a support system from someone, helping with medications, are all just a few things that can make the difference for someone with a mental illness. Practices like these have the opportunity to save lives. In instances of medical emergencies, most of us know the most common physical first aid practices. However, we don’t know what’s appropriate to do if someone is having a mental health emergency. SAFMH is trying to overcome this hurdle.


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