Did you Know? Arizona has Some of the Best Mental Illness Laws in the Nation


Mental health awareness continues to grow in the United States, and with that, more options for help and treatment become available. Luckily, in Arizona, there are laws that help the mentally ill get the treatment they need.

Arizona mental health and illness laws

In Arizona, people have the ability to keep potentially dangerous people from committing crimes that could hurt themselves and others. Because of a bill passed in 2014, if someone has a concern for someone else’s mental health, they can report it to police authorities who can then take them to a psychiatric facility for an involuntary evaluation.

Before the passage of this bill, officers had to personally observe statements of behaviors of the people believed to have a mental illness that poses a threat to themselves or others in order to take them into custody.

Being able to take people into custody for a mental health crisis will offer them the help they need at a psychiatric facility rather than jail. There they are stabilized and referred to a future treatment program. And if the psychiatrist finds that the person is not a threat to themselves or others they will be released.

Taking people into get psychiatric treatment could potentially prevent them from committing serious crimes and keep others around from getting hurt. It also could have prevented some serious tragedies from even happening.

Arizona also allows people who fear for the mental health of someone else to submit them for civil commitment which will determine if someone who is unwilling or unable to accept voluntary treatment should be ordered to receive treatment. An application for civil commitment can be submitted if the person of concern meets one of the following guidelines:

  • Is a danger to themselves
  • Is a danger to others
  • Is gravely disabled (unable to take care of one’s basic physical needs)
  • Is persistently or acutely disabled (likely to suffer severe mental or physical harm because of impaired judgment caused by a mental health condition)
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Need Help? Arizona Mental Health Treatment Centers Can Help


Mental illness affects many people in Arizona. If you or a loved one is suffering from a mental illness, there are many options for treatment centers in the state. Find the center that perfectly fits your needs by browsing the options available in Arizona.

Arizona mental health treatment centers

SkyRecovery IOP

SkyRecovery offers a cutting edge and flexible substance abuse treatment experience for adults. This center offers a traditional IOP treatment structure with a therapeutic philosophy founded on psychological theory. The program operates from an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) perspective, which is a behaviorally based therapy encouraging the individual to re engage life at a values-based level on a daily basis. If you’ve tried many different programs and relapsed, SkyRecovery offers something new.

Sovereign Health Treatment for Mental Health
Sovereign Health Group’s mental health treatment program provides patients with non-judgmental, compassionate, confidential care for a variety of mental illnesses including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other mental and behavioral health disorders. They offer a unique brain wellness program that involves evidence-based cognitive exercises that are designed to improve clarity of thought and mental well-being. They also offer therapeutic activities such as on-one therapy, group therapy, art therapy, equine therapy, meditation and yoga.

St. Luke’s Behavioral Health Center

St. Luke’s Behavioral Health Center is a 124-bed mental and behavioral health facility located on the campus of St. Luke’s Medical Center in Phoenix. This facility has been providing treatment for mental health and substance abuse for 40 years and offers a full spectrum of inpatient and outpatient treatment programs for children, teens, adults and seniors.

Sabino Recovery

sabino recovery Sabino Recovery is a treatment center for healing anyone suffering from the symptoms of alcohol abuse, drug addiction, depression, PTSD or other behavioral health issues. Their model works with you to address not only the behavioral symptoms, but also the core issues driving the behavior. They offer a truly holistic treatment environment with a variety of therapies that help their patients heal.

Photo courtesy of Sabino Recovery

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