What Does a Mental Health Evaluation Process Include?


A mental health evaluation is conducted by physicians to get an overall picture of how your mental health is. They’ll test how well you’re able to think, reason and remember by asking you questions and examining you either vocally or in writing. They will assess how you look, your mood, behavior, thinking, reasoning, memory and overall ability to express yourself. In some cases, they will also conduct a blood or urine test.

Why are mental health evaluations done?

Mental health evaluations can help your physician find out if you have a mental health disorder such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, or anorexia nervosa.

People are usually referred to get a mental health exam because they are having problems at home, work or school. They may also have a court ordered petition for an evaluation after being arrested for a crime that may relate to their mental health.

What is the result of a mental health evaluation?

nurse performing mental health evaluationMental health evaluations help physicians determine if a person needs treatment for a mental health disorder and if they a danger to themselves or others. If the person does in fact need treatment, the physician can recommend one, including medication.

What happens in mental health evaluations ordered by the court?

After being evaluated, if there is enough evidence to prove that the person needs help with their mental health, the court may order them to treatment. The treatment may be completed at a hospital or at a community based clinic, or both.

The maximum period for court ordered treatment is 365 days. The person ordered to treatment may request a judicial review after 60 days if they believe their circumstances have improved. During the review the court may changes the order for treatment, lessening the amount of days that must be completed or terminating the treatment completely.

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How to Deal with your First DUI


Have you been charged with your first DUI? If you find yourself consumed with feelings of fear or confusion stemming from your recent arrest, you’re not alone.

Hundreds of people were arrested for DUI in Arizona during 2015, a trend that has not slowed well into the new year. Should you ever find yourself accused of driving under the influence, it’s essential you know what legal options are available to you.

Avoiding Arizona DUI

The first thing to keep in mind is your composure. Whether you have alcohol in your system or not, being pulled over by an officer of the law can be a frightening experience. Take a deep breath and remain calm, don’t allow your anxiety to work against you.

woman being pulled over for Arizona DUINever say anything that could potentially incriminate you. While police officers have an important role in keeping the road safe, they often use their experience to elicit information that can damage your case in court.

Be respectful of the questions asked by the officer but know you’re not legally required to answer them. Politely decline to answer anything that would confirm the officer’s suspicion that you’re driving under the influence.

Under no circumstance should you consent to a field sobriety test. Many people suspected of a DUI don’t understand that such tests are optional. Even if you’re confident you’ll pass, common breathalyzers are notoriously inaccurate and their results can be utilized in court to incriminate you. You should only comply with a legally required blood alcohol test typically taken at the police station.

Record the details of your arrest as soon as possible. You want to ensure any information that be used to defend your innocence can be referred to at a later time. Even the tiniest details might make the difference between a not guilty verdict and a jail sentence.

Finally, contact an experienced DUI attorney. Even if you’re convinced your innocence is clear cut, consulting with a professional ensures you choose the appropriate course of action to avoid the stiff penalties associated with an Arizona DUI — the most severe in the nation.

Don’t hesitate — contact our law firm now to discuss the details of your case.

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