Breaking Down Your Arizona Probation Terms


If you have been sentenced to probation in Arizona, you may be confused by the fact your judge gave you a timeline of something between 18-24 months of probation. Probation terms in Arizona dictate that a judge can sentence an offender to time frame of probation instead of a specific number of months.

Review of Arizona Probation Law

Probation is the the release of an offender from detention, subject to a period of good behavior under supervision. It can also be served in lieu of prison time for minor or first-time offenses. When a judge sentences an offender to 18-24 months this means they are willing to review the terms of probation after 18 months. If the judge feels that an offender has been successfully rehabilitated they will grant a release from probation before the full 24 months is completed.

Can I File for Early Termination?

juvenile charges resulting in probationAn offender can file for early termination at any time after your probation requirements, besides amount of time, have been completed. Probation requirements can range from completing community service to attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. That being said, the motion will most likely be opposed by your probation officer and the prosecuting attorney for your case. Your request will be taken into consideration whether or not you violated any terms of your probation.

Most plea deals and probation terms will indicate when you can file for early termination. Consult with your criminal defense attorney who can be an asset in having your probation terminated early. A defense attorney can help get your PO on the ground and meet with the prosecutor in your case.

You are currently on probation and hope to file for early termination give us a call today and our team of experienced criminal defense attorneys will provide guidance in these matters. We have assisted many clients in having in post probation matters.

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