Looking at David’s Hope


Those suffering from serious mental illness, and who are charged with a crime, need special handling.  You want your attorney to have deep experience in these matters, so as to get the best possible outcome.

If convicted and incarcerated, a mentally ill person can have real trouble in the criminal justice system.  Solitary confinement is one example.  David’s Hope is leading a coalition in Arizona to help people living with mental illness, who are navigating the criminal justice system, including corrections, re-entry, and juvenile justice.  They seek treatment, not incarceration.

We invite both individuals and organizations to become a part of our formal network. We will be addressing such issues as safety and health care in our jails and prisons, ending the practice of placing the mentally ill in solitary confinement, reforming mandatory sentencing laws and limiting the practice of sentencing juveniles in the adult system.  (from the website)

Garcia Law Firm focuses on defending the mentally ill who are charged with crimes.  if you or a loved one is in trouble, please contact us immediately.

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