Bank Robbery Suspect Shot in Buckeye


Is it a sign of a depressed economy or just an absence of morals that leads an individual to rob a bank?  One suspected bank robber will never be able to answer that question after he allegedly robbed a Buckeye bank.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety Officer reported that on the afternoon of March 26, an armed suspect walked into and robbed a  Buckeye bank. 

Carrick Cook, an officer with DPS, stated the unnamed suspect robbed the Bank of America at Watson and Interstate 10.  According to Cook, when police confronted the suspect in the desert east of the bank, the suspect warned officers he had a gun.  Officers then fired bean bag rounds at the suspect, which, however, had no affect on the man.  Thus, officers decided to send in a K-9  to subdue the suspected bank robber.  Unfortunately the suspect  drew a gun and shot the police dog.

Tragically for the suspect, when he drew his weapon, officers returned fire striking him, and he was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. 

After realizing the suspect was dressed entirely different than eye witness descriptions, officers immediately began searching local neighborhoods and the surrounding desert for another suspect.  However, after more than five hours of searching, police came to the conclusion there were no other suspects in the area, although they do say another suspect may exist.

The K-9 that was injured in the back when shot by the suspect, was immediately transported to a local veterinarian’s office, where according to the police report, he is fortunately expected to recover.

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